How to get WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold quickly

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4 months ago

Posted: 4 months ago
1.Do daily tasks
Burning Crusade Classic introduces daily tasks, completing these tasks will get a varying amount of Classic TBC Gold, so you can decide which tasks to do first according to your situation. Daily dungeon missions usually provide the most Gold, don't miss them.

2.Learn to fish. Fishing is very profitable, especially in the new outland areas. In addition to the fish that can be used in various endgame cooking recipes, you must also have the opportunity to capture the "Mote of Water", then turn it into raw water and sell it at auction houses.

3.Sell Craft items
In addition to making consumables or items yourself, you can also get them to sell at auction houses, provided you know what crafts are most profitable for your server. If you want to make gold through craftsmanship, it is best to upgrade your career first.

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